Gloria Mousse

Today we are excited to share a delicious dessert!
(7 servings)

You need:
·         4 Glorias Las Sevillanas
·         1/3 cup sugar
·         5 oz  milk
·         4 eggs
·         4 teaspoons  grenetin
·         7 oz Chantilly Cream
·         7 oz cream cheese
·         1 (7.05 oz) package of María cookies or similar.
·         3.5 oz melted butter

Obleas, glorias and cajetas Las Sevillanas.
1.      Grind the package of Marías cookies and mix with melted butter. Set aside the crust and put it in a middle size mold.
2.      Mix and boil up toguether milk, eggs, sugar and grenetin until it reaches a jelly texture (do not let cool).
3.      Blend (with globe) step 2 with cream cheese and 4 Glorias Las Sevillanas.
4.      Mix step 2 and 3 with Chantilly cream and pour into the crust of step 1.
5.      Refrigerate until it gets a jelly texture.
6.      Decorate with glorias, obleas and cajeta Las Sevillanas!